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The Two Countries That Still Remain Separate As Yet

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Sumber Gambar: – We all might know and have heard that there are three countries in the world that used to be two separate countries. The countries are Germany (East & West), Vietnam (North & South), and Yemen (North & South).

Why did they become united? And why do North and South Korea still remain separate as yet? These are the reasons and facts:

Before German reunification occurred in October 1990, Germany was two countries, namely the Democratic Republic of Germany or better known as East Germany and the Federal Republic of Germany known as West Germany.

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The two countries were separated by a wall well known as the Berlin Wall.

The Berlin Wall, which in German is called ‘Berliner Mauer’, is 140-kilometer-long concrete barrier in Germany, specifically in the city of Berlin, which is why it got its name.

The Berlin Wall was erected in Eastern Berlin by East German State to prevent mass defections (exodus) from Eastern to Western Berlin which was an enclave of the West German State.

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At that time, the Berlin Wall was a symbol of the Cold War and stood strongly firm from 1961 to 1989.

After more than 45 years of administrative and ideological separation, finally the fall of the Berlin Wall occurred on November 9, 1989, during the Peaceful Revolution, marked the destruction of the Berlin Wall, and at last Germany was reborn as one nation in 1990.

To celebrate and remember this occasion, Scorpion, the German music band, created a song with the title ‘Wind of Change’.

Vietnam used to be divided into 2 different countries, namely North Vietnam and South Vietnam.

Formerly, these two countries were at war with each other because of their ideological differences. North Vietnam, which was also called the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, adhered to communist ideology which was supported by communist countries such as the Soviet Union (now, Russia), China, North Korea and Cuba.

Meanwhile, South Vietnam (Republic of Vietnam) was supported by the United States, Australia and South Korea.

After the end of the war, the two Vietnamese countries finally became united in 1976 and Vietnam declared to be a communist country.

Each reunification was interestingly reasonable because they have the same language and culture. Germans (both east and west) speak German. Vietnam (both north and south) speak Vietnamese.

The third reunited country is Yemen. Unlike, East and West Germany, or North and South Vietnam, the two Yemens were not formed by civil war or occupation. North Yemen became a country after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in November 1918.

Aden, in South Yemen, was ruled as part of the British India, and in 1937, became a British protectorate, effectively under colonial rule.

Because of the more similarities between them like culture and language, on May 22, 1990, both Yemens finally declared to be united and made this country one of the countries in the form of republic on the Arabian Peninsula.

Like Germans who speak German; and Vietnamese who speak Vietnamese, Yemenis speak the same language: Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic).

Apart from Germany, Vietnam, and Yemen which have been united, it turns out there are still two other countries that live separately, namely Korea: North and South Korea.

North Korea & South Korea
North and South Korea are still separate as yet with their respective ideologies even though the countries have the same language and culture. Both people of the two countries speak Korean.

The question appears is whether both of them were one nation (one country) in the past or not.

Historically, North and South Korea were once united (one nation) under the rule of the Joseon Dynasty. However, things changed when Japan colonized Korea from 1910 to 1945 (35 years). There was an attempt to reunite but failed.

We all might know and have heard that there are three countries in the world that used to be two separate countries.

Sumber Gambar:

And now it has been almost 80 years since North Korea and South Korea were separated by the end of World War II. And since their separation, the two countries have developed in different directions (sources taken from website

1. Human rights and individual freedom
2. Differences in population growth
3. Country’s economic level
4. Belief and religion
5. Internet access and communications

North Korea has less population than (more or less a half of) South Korea. Life in North Korea is more isolated, and their people are atheists (communism). Internet access in North Korea is limited by their government.

North Korean people are required to obey their government regulations which are sometimes beyond reason (illogical) and therefore, the government does not hesitate to impose the death penalty on people who violate the rules.

The question appears in my head: “Would they be united with all their differences?”. Maybe, yes. Maybe, someday the two countries, both North Korea and South Korea, will do like what the two Germanys, two Vietnams, and two Yemens have done.

Who knows? I don’t. I guess only Heaven does. Only God knows. We’ll see…**

[References: taken from several resources]

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